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Acupuncture in Pregnancy

Acupuncture can help your body to adapt to the increasing demands of pregnancy, and helps to maintain good general health and vitality. It is a safe and effective way of treating the discomforts and illnesses associated with pregnancy. Towards the end of pregnancy acupuncture is a great way to prepare for delivery, and it can gently and safely treat breech presentation. Acupuncture can help with the following conditions in pregnancy:

Morning Sickness Toothache Back Pain
Headache Heartburn Nasal Congestion
Sciatica Oedema Constipation
Haemorroids SPD Anxiety

Breech Presentation

Moxibustion is a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment which uses heat to stimulate acupuncture points. When stimulated in this way, the acupuncture point Zhiyin, Bladder 67 causes the baby to turn. The Bladder Meridian runs through the pelvis, and so applying heat to the Zhiyin point creates a warming energy in the womb, encouraging movement of the baby. In western terms this could be explained as stimulation of the neural pathway leading to increased blood circulation and muscle relaxation of the uterus, which in turn facillitate moving or turning of the baby. This is a non -invasive procedure which needs to be carried out over the course of five to ten consecutive days, preferably at the same time each day, with the mother in a reclining position.

Pre-Birth Care

Pregnancy places huge demands on the body. Pre-birth acupuncture is all about addressing any imbalances and creating optimum conditions for an efficient labour. Research has shown acupuncture can help with cervical ripening, shortening the distance between due date and actual delivery date. Acupressure techniques can be very useful during labour, and at Aran Acupuncture training in these is available to mothers-to-be and their partners.

Post-Partum Care

In China, the post-partum recovery period was traditionally one month of rest, where mothers could concentrate on bonding with their new baby, and establishing a good breast-feeding pattern. This was facilitated with much care and help from extended family. Often in our western society, women lack such support and can be overwhelmed by the demands of looking after a newborn while still continuing to do normal everyday chores, and perhaps looking after other children too. During pregnancy and birth enormous demands are made on both qi and blood, and it takes time to restore these vital substances. Acupuncture can help to build energy and restore hormonal balance to beat the baby blues. It can also promote healing after caesarean section, and treat any breastfeeding problems which may arise. Why not try a Mother and Baby acupucnture session, it’s not always easy to get out and about with little people, but you will be glad you did.

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