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Aesthetic Acupuncture

Synergy Facial

Aesthetic acupuncture is a non-invasive method of reducing the signs of the aging processs. Signs of aging vary depending on the way in which each of us uses the muscles in our habitual facial expressions. This treatment uses Facial Motor Points to balance the muscle action, relaxing those muscles that have become too tight and activating weak muscles. Each needle inserted is essentially a tiny injury, which signals to the body to begin a process of healing and rejuvenation. Acupuncture can soften lines and improve collagen production, reducing sagging. Treatment includes Celluma Low level LED light therapy, which stimulates the production of natural collagen and fibroblasts, and encourages tissue repair. Micro Current is used to stimulate the muscles of the face. Different frequencies are used, to relax the tight muscles which cause wrinkles, to strengthen weak muscles and alleviate sagging, and to repair signs of aging in the epidermis, the top layer of the skin. Facial cupping and guasha are used to increase blood circulation through the muscles and soft tissues.The treatment aims to return the complexion to a more youthful state, with natural results. This method is taught by Dr Travall Croom who works in New York and works tirelessly to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of aesthetic acupuncture. For more information see:

Acne Treatment

Specialist treatment for acne using Celluma low level light therapy. In combination with acupuncture, use of LED light reduces inflammation and bacterial activity. The red light increases cellular energy and boosts circulation. In this way the skin is healed naturally. There is no sensation when using Celluma as no heat is produced. For more information about Celluma, see:

Scar Treatment

In Chinese medicine, scars are seen as energy blocks, preventing the free flow of Qi or vital energy along the channel on which they are situated. Scar treatments can improve the appearance, flexibility and texture of scars. A scar which is painful, uneven, numb or has a different surface quality to its surrounding area may benefit from treatment, even if it has been present for a long time. This treatment can also promote healing in more recent scars. Any scar can be treated, for recent scars one month healing time is recomended before embarking on a course of acupuncture.

Aran Acupuncture
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