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Glorious Gluten Free Bread

Diagnosed with Coeliac disease some 20 years ago, I've eaten and baked a lot of gluten free bread. Some good, some bad, some downright ugly. I've bought (and dumped) more gluten free grains than I care to count. And only in the last year, I've finally learned to make two that tick all the boxes. My cupboards are stocked with the supplies for both of these and nothing else. And finally, there is always a solution to that panicky feeling we can all recognise informally known as 'Gimme Toast. Now.'

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Water Kefir

I had been anxious to get hold of some water kefir grains since dicovering that milk kefir wasn't going to work for my daughter who has a milk protein allergy, or for me.....dairy doesn't agree with me and my skin was breaking out.

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Kids Chinese Noodles

This is a super easy dish to make and includes a variety of vegetables presented in a way that should tempt even the most veggie shy kid.

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Celeriac and Beetroot au Gratin

You know the way you eliminate things from your diet and then try to replace them? And often as not the replacement is nothing like the real thing and the kitchen's a mess and its all very disappointing? Well this dish is not like that at all. Hurrah. It has the all the comfort value, texture and flavour of Potato gratin without the potato. I promise.

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Gluten-Free Super Fast Noodle Salad

A fast, handy and very tasty lunch dish.

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