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Mild Fish Curry with Saffron Rice

A fish dinner can be a hard sell where children are concerned. If you have a curry lover in your house though, it can be a great way to make fish more appealing. This one is dairy and gluten free too.

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Bone Broth

And finally.....if you really want to make changes to your overall well being, beginning with your gut, then you need to think about bone broth. It's not as arduous a task as it might at first seem!

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Letter of Recomendation:Acupuncture

A very positive first experience of acupuncture described here. People are often unaware of the range of conditions that acupuncture can benefit. While many will give it a try for pain, it's value in treating depression, anxiety and mood disorders, digestive problems, poor sleep, and urinary issues is often overlooked. And that's just a selection, there are many more. Did you know that you can always avail of a free consultation where the approach to your health problem can be explained and your treatment plan outlined?

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Marijuana, Apathy and Chinese Medicine, Part 2

This country, the richest in the world, is number 38 with regard to health care and number one in health care expenditure. The United States is number 21 in the world with regard to education achievement, the same as Lithuania. We are not facing what is happening to our youth or future, but instead we are creating generations of people who cannot cope with the endurance of pain for gain, and who feel entitled to have what they should actually work for.

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Marijuana, Apathy and Chinese Medicine, Part 1

If you've ever puzzled over the benefits versus the harmful effects of Marijuana, you'll find this Article by Dr Leon Hammer fascinating. It is a detailed look at the many ways in which marijuana affects both individuals and society, and really illustrates the fact that the question of whether or not it should be more freely available is not a simple one.

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