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Knees taken a few knocks?

Our poor knees, we ask a lot of them. Knee pain seems to strike almost everybody at one time or another. Injury from sport, lifting, being overweight, being on your feet for long periods, or simple wear and tear are common causes. Inflammation from arthritis can cause pain and swelling in the knee joint, which, if left untreated can damage the knee cap. Sometimes fluid can gather at the back of the knee. This is known as a Popliteal or Bakers cyst, and the first symptom is a feeling of tightness on the back of the leg just behind the knee joint. Acupuncture is a very effective therapy for knee pain. There are several approaches which can be used to ease pain and reduce swelling, depending on the nature of the problem. Chinese Medicine always seeks to identify the outside factors involved in an inflammatory condition. So, in the case of swollen painful knees an acupuncturist will identify the involvement of heat or cold in the condition. In a case of painful knees with a damp-cold presentation, moxa is a great remedy. This involves applying heat to the affected area using a dried herb called mugwort. Needle-on moxa comes in a thimble shaped cone that sits on a metal fitting on the needle. This directs heat right into the swelling, drying up excess fluid and relieving pain. Sometimes, arthritis is a warm condition, in which the knee pain has an uncomfortable burning sensation and may be red in appearance. In this case, a heat treatment with moxa is not suitable. However, knees can also be treated distally, good news for anyone who doesn't want anybody looking at, let alone touching their painful knees. Using a mirror system of treating acupuncture channels with a relationship to the painful channel, knee pain can be treated using ashi or painful points on the arm, at the level of the elbow and slightly above and below. This concept, developed by Dr Richard Tan can seem strange at first, but the pain relief is fast and effective. There are remarkable results to be seen from the treatment of knee pain with acupuncture, but regular treatment is key. 6-8 weekly sessions is a good target to see lasting results. 


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