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Treating Digestive Disorders with Acupuncture

A healthy body requires a well-functioning digestive system. Our ability to absorb nutrients efficiently and eliminate waste effectively is essential for the health of our body tissues, organs,  blood, nervous system and bones. Digestive disorders cause unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms such as pain, bloating, heartburn, reflux, flatulence, diarrhoea, and constipation. Acupuncture treats these symptoms by balancing and correcting the flow of energy between the organs, and by optimising the function of the digestive organs. Stress, overwork, emotional problems, poor dietary choices and unhealthy eating habits, all take their toll on the digestive system. Over time, these factors cause the digestive system to function less efficiently, allowing dampness and heat or cold to build up and give rise to poor digestive function.

In Chinese Medicine, pulse and tongue diagnosis reveal much about the health of a person’s digestive system, and the extent to which the blood is being nourished. Food intolerance is a major cause of illness, but the illness may not necessarily manifest directly in the digestive system. Impaired digestive function can be a factor in auto-immune disorders, anxiety and depression, skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, migraine headache and stubborn weight gain. This is why a food intolerance test can be very helpful in determining  what dietary changes  will help your system to recover. Food Intolerance testing is offered here at Aran Acupuncture with The Fitzwilliam Food Test. This simple blood test only takes a few minutes, and works by measuring IGg anti-body levels to specific foods.

Another important way to help the digestive system to recover is to replenish the good bacteria which are essential to the digestive tract, but which many people lack. Making fermented foods and drinks is an effective way to re-introduce these bacteria. It is easier than you may imagineto get into a routine of making these foods and much less costly than buying supplements.  They are suitable for children, and can be a great help in strengthening their resistance to bugs.There are a  wealth of webpages and facebook groups offering help getting started with these foods, here are a just a few I find useful:

Kombucha: A delicious, slightly fizzy fermented tea drink. Read More about Kombucha
Milk Kefir: This culture makes a mild-tasting fermented yoghurt. Read More about Milk Kefir
Water Kefir: Makes a sweet fermented drink which can be flavoured with fruits and juices. Read More about Water Kefir
A course of regular acupuncture, combined with dietary and lifestyle changes offers enormous benefit to anyone suffering from digestive problems. If you would like to find out more about how it could help you, get in contact by phone or email. A free consultation with tongue and pulse diagnosis is always available, and will give you an outline of the treatment plan best suited to your needs.


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