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Lower Back Pain Relieved Rapidly with Distal Acupuncture Points

The treatment of lower back pain using distal points, or points which are not on the painful area, but are on a meridian related to the painful one is a great way of bringing fast relief to acute or chronic pain. This system, developed by the late Dr Richard Tan relieves pain very quickly and effectively. Drawing on classical acupuncture theory, and on the distal points system of Master Tung, it also has the advantage of easier access. When people have acute back pain, they will often be unable to climb onto a treatment table, or to lie in one position for very long. The use of points on the hands, arms, legs and scalp allow the patient to be seated, or to walk around during treatment. This can be a great relief in cases where positioning can really aggravate the pain. It much easier for the patient not to have needles introduced into an already tight, painful area. Watch Dr Tan work his magic on a patient with lower back pain. 
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