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How to Start Reversing Any Autoimmune Condition in Weeks

This is an article by Dr Terry Wahls, author of The Wahls Protocol, based on her experience with reversing her debilitating MS symptoms. Acupuncture treatment works very well to reduce the symptoms of degenrative disease, but acupuncturists have long recognised the importance of diet and lifestyle factors in recovery from any illness. Acupuncture works by communicating with the body to bring about healing. The marvellous thing about our bodies is that we have within ourselves the power to heal, given the right conditions and the right messages. People who are well nourished will respond much more quicky and effectively to acupuncture, because their bodies have the energetic resources necessary. Getting well is work, it requires power. Sadly, many of us are deplete in vital energy from eating foods that do not nourish us, and from eating foods that harm us. Eating natural, plant based and organic food when possible, going organic and making sure we are getting the right range of vitamins and minerals makes an enormous difference, as does eliminating foods we may be intolerant to, and substances which deplete our energy like sugar, processed flour, alcohol. While this may seem daunting at first the rewards are well worth it. Nothing beats feeling good.
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