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The happiness gap for parents, and how to solve it

It seems to me that the demands placed on parents these days are just too much. And I'm not even talking about the children's demands, simply the pressures of both parties working long hours, trying to keep house, and give their children some care and attention. Sure, in our parents day when families were much bigger, it was no picnic either. It could, however be done on one salary and that makes a huge difference. There is so much we could do as a society to make life with small people a bit easier. I've pencilled it in that if I live to be a reasonably comfortable old lady, I will befriend neighbours with babies, and look after them on a regular basis, in whatever way the parents would like, without feeding them anything disastrous or trying to implement lifestyle changes that I believe would be beneficial. Just for a couple of hours here and there. So that somebody can have a bath in comfort, or have a meal without a thousand interuptions. In the same spirit I do try
(and yes, it is hard,) to be patient when stuck in close quarters with somebody's noisy or restless children who would also prefer not to be there, but who don't have a great range of options. When I take people's pulses at the clinic, one thing I notice again and again is that in the pulses of parents of small children, no matter what age or shape they may be in one thing will show up clearly....they are wrecked. Be kind to em!
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