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Treating Scars with Acupuncture

In Chinese Medicine, scars are seen as energy blocks, preventing the free flow of Qi or vital energy along the channels on which they are situated. A scar is a tear or cut to the upper middle or lower layers of the epidermis, where cellular renewal of the damaged area occurs. When a scar is painful or numb, this can indicate poor flow of Qi or blood to the area. Acupuncture can improve the appearance, flexibility and texture of scars. Old scars can benefit, and treatment may also be used to promote healing of more recent scars. The insertion of needles to surround the scar elicits a response from the body which increases blood flow to the area, encouraging the breakdown of scar tissue and stimulating collagen production. During treatment, acupuncture points will also be used to address any constitutional imbalances, so that the entire body will benefit. It is advisable to wait until a scar is at least one month old before commencing treatment. 


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