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Food Intolerance Testing

Follow your gut with a food intolerance test

What is the value of food intolerance testing? Is it really necessary? Are there real benefits to be seen from eliminating food sensitivities? In short, yes, there are very real benefits to be had from taking a food intolerance test. The biggest one I see, though, is that it readies a person's mind for changing their diet. Eating new things isn't difficult; getting your head around sticking with the changes is. We all have a lifetime of beliefs about the food we eat, built up since childhood. Some of which are true, and some of which are not only false, but damaging (Milk helps with digestion for instance). Chinese pulse diagnosis reflects a very accurate picture of a person's digestive function. These days, people with good digestion are a minority at the clinic. Do I always recommend food Intolerance testing? Not necessarily. People may or may not want to spend extra money when they come for acupuncture. If they are interested though, these are the reasons I advise them to take the test. If your digestive system is being disrupted by a food that doesn't agree with you, then the energy your body should be spending on breaking down the food you eat and using it to build blood, nourish, energise and renew the body is instead being consumed in a fight. Your body is busy producing antibodies against the culprit foods, and developing unpleasant symptoms like sinusitis, migraine, weight gain, fatigue, brain fog and so on. You could set about eliminating common trigger foods one by one, avoiding wheat, then dairy and so on for an agreed period of time-usually it will take  two weeks of total elimination of a food to see a difference. The trouble is that it is hard to be disciplined in this approach. Five days in, when you really want a chocolate biscuit, chances are you will say....ah, it won't do me any harm. Then you are back to square one. Having a list of foods that has been shown to provoke an elevation of antibodies in your blood is a solid incentive to avoid that food. Usually problem foods are avoidied for three months. Then you can try them again and see if there is a reaction. Some people will find they need to stay away from the problem foods always. That's not as dificlut as it might seem, when you plan to replace the foods you can't have. There is a world of 'free from' foods available. Some of them are just as junky as the regular foods, but it is nice, once in a while to have a gluten or dairy free cake or dessert. The reward is that once you remove the offending foods you will feel so much better you won't even want to go back. Energy levels increase, stubborn weight comes off, and acupuncture yields much faster results in people who are following the correct diet for them. After all if you are running your body on the wrong fuel, no amount of treatment is going to repair that damage. The Fitzwilliam Food Test is available at Aran Acupuncture Clinic. Prices start at €165 for a 60 foods test. A small blood sample is taken from a finger. It takes about 15 minutes to have the test done, and two weeks to get your result. Use the link below to read about one person's experience of testing. 
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