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Trish Conneely Lic.Ac. C.Ac.(Nanjing) MAFPA


I trained with The Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland for three years, and travelled to China for further clinical training at the Nanjing University Second Affiliated Hospital. Here at Dr Gu Zhaojun's busy clinic, we saw acupuncture at work in hospital, treating the after effects of stroke, chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, bells palsy, shingles, and digestive complaints. Additional courses I have taken include Acupuncture for Women's Health with Giovanni Maciocia,  Men's Urogenital, Sexual and Reproductive Health with Jani White, Pregnancy and Fertility with Deborah Betts and The Treatment of Infertilty and Miscarriage with Brandon Horn. In 2018, Dr Travall Croom brought his innovative techniques in Aesthetic Acupuncture to Dublin, and this training allows me to offer advanced anti-aging and problem skincare at the clinic.

Classical Acupuncture

Classical Acupuncture has it's origins in the classical texts of chinese medicine. Most of these texts were written between the the 6th century. While the Primary Channels of acupuncture are used in all acupuncture systems, the use of the Complement Channels as taught in the classical texts is a powerful resource with which a practitioner can treat both physical and mental illness, as well as supporting the growth and personal development of the individual. I am a student of Ann-Cecil Sterman Director of the Classical Wellness Centre in Manhattan, gifted teacher and long-time student of Dr Jeffrey Yuen. With Ann I have studied the Art of Pulse Taking, The treatment of the 8 Extra Channels, Divergent Channels and the treatment of The Luo Vessels. These channels are particularly useful in the treatment of chronic degenerative illness, psychological issues, trauma, fertility and gynaecological problems. I regularly attend seminars with Dr Jeffrey Yuen, Daoist Master and world renowned scholar, who comes to Dublin every year to share his extensive knowledge and his extraordinary wisdom. 

Dr Tan's Balance Method

'Stand a pole in the sun and you immediately see it's shadow' was a saying Dr Richard Tan used to illustrate the fact that the effect of acupuncture treatment should be immediate. Sadly, Dr Tan passed away in November 2015, leaving as his legacy an acupuncture system which produces remarkable results. Dr Tan combined his engineering background with his lifelong study of the Chinese Bagua and I Ching to design his unique style of acupuncture which is still taught throughout the world. The points treated are distant from but related to the sick or injured acupuncture channel. Most of the points used are located on the arms and legs so there is no need to undress. Patients know that this method is working because their pain starts to ease as soon as the needes are inserted. I was lucky enough to study with Dr Tan during his last visit to Dublin in June 2015, and use his Balance Method to treat all kinds of illness and pain.


Membership of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association  ensures that the patient’s best interests are a priority, and that a strict code of ethics is adhered to. Members are obliged to take part in ongoing professional development and  to hold First Aid Responder certificates. The cost of acupuncture treatment with AFPA members can be claimed from all health insurance companies in Ireland.


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